Monday, April 30, 2012

the companions and such...

Well, this is my second African companion, and, just like Americans,
each one is different! My present companion is a great guy and we are
having a blast, working hard, and teaching/baptizing! It is amazing to
see how much of a difference unity makes in fun and efficiency. There
are more similarities than you would think between us, but there are
still some cultural differences. I don't hardly notice anything
anymore though, so it is hard to say. Sometimes I feel like I can't
remember home very well. My mind is so good at imagining, that I will
remember something from years ago, but my mind will substitute habits
or mannerisms I/ those around me have into the memory.
It is getting into winter now, and I will have a member make a pair of
(either cotton or wool, can;t remember) gloves for me with a W on
It is great to hear that Collin did well on his play, I will have to
congratulate him. 
I love you mom! oh, so much.
~Elder Williams

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