Thursday, April 12, 2012

EAster week

Well hello everybody!
I hope you are all doing as well right now as I am, cuz I just had a pretty good week.
Step one: the funny stories
  • In a lesson teaching plan of salvation.
    • Me: "Right here, it tells us 'Adam fell that men might, and men are that they might have joy'" (2 Ne 2:25)
    • Investigator: *not even missing a beat* "Is it talking about sexual joy?"
    • Me: ". . . *takes a breath* No, (insert 2 syllable name), . . . It's not."
  • Cutting squash into small cubes for the couples Dinner.
    • *Me cutting with a very dull knife doing something cool to make it fast and easy*
    • *duly named* Traffic Director: *takes knife and squash* "Elder Williams, You are doing it wrong!"
    • Me: "You don't even know what I'm doing!"
    • TD: "Yes I do." *proceeds to ruin what I was doing with the present piece*
    • Me: "What the crap! Your ruining it! give that back!"
  • Walking with Lions at Antelope Park, Gweru.
    • Me: "Man, this is so cool! I am walking with a lion cub!" (still pretty big)
    • Lion: *stops walking, sits down and begins eating horse poop*
    • Me: "Well, I guess lions are more like my dog than I thought they would be =/ "

Step Two: The summary

  • Well, this week was pretty nice. We ended up dropping some investigators who won't come to church, and that was fun. We have been shifting the focus as a mission to Fathers/Father led families, and so that is taking some getting used to. Transfers end is this week, so tomorrow I will find out "if I stay or if I go" (name that song! . . . I can't =P). 
  • This week we had a couples dinner on Saturday, and despite lots of annoyances with planning (not being told what We were expected to do until after it was supposed to have been done), was quite fun. We had a few less actives and part member families come, as well as an investigator couple. It was lots of fun, and there was good food too! Yes, I got some =P
  • This morning we went to Antelope park and I got to walk with Lions. Yup. That's right, I walked with Lions. Fetching sweet, lemme tell you. It wasn't the coolest thing ever in the world, but I can mark that off my bucket list! Walk with/pet one of the 'big cats' *Check!* (see pictures) Yes, I got to pet them =P
  • There is a guy in my Ward who is deaf, maybe dumb, and other things, and he is a cool guy. This week, after sacrament I was just hungry and thirsty and had nothing! He comes up to me right after I think this, and motions me to come over, and open my backpack. He then pulls out a bag of Guavas for me! What a God-send! After Gospel Principles, I recieved a picture/note from him with a homemade frame. It was such a cool gift, I really appreciated him for it. For a few weeks after sacrament meeting, I have written some things down for him and given him pamphlets for lessons (which he keeps =P). His name is Brother Petros. See picture. 
Well, no questions for this week as well, but I still love you all. I am attaching a video of the lion so check the blog for that!

love you all, stay well, and take luck
~Elder Williams

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  1. Sounds like a great week. So jealous that you got to walk with lions! Be safe!