Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 name the quote...

Welcome squidward! Welcome Squidward! Welcome Welcome Welcome Welcome!
Welcome to our club!

Hey there family, friends and club mates!
This week has been fun. Elder Nzimande and I had a very successful teaching week, and had a great time using bikes again! we had two people baptized, (I forgot my camera today so i will upload the pictures at a later date) Sister Ruth and her daughter Rutendo. 

The baptism was good, and was followed by a wedding. A recent convert and a member were getting married. It was cool, and really loud (half the time it just sounded almost like the people were yodeling like spongebob and patrick do on the 'CLUB' episode. . . you know, when their mouths make that 'O' and their tongue goes out a few inches. . . ANYWAY). The food was for sure nice!

We just started teaching a family that is SDA (Seventh Day Adventist). I contacted the son, and he had a few questions about God and Jesus. We didn't give him a straight answer, but instead asked him questions and piqued his interest. We set up an appointment and went to see him and his father. We taught them about the nature of God, and about what we need to do to see God again. It was a very spiritual lesson, and when we closed, the father, Brother Nyathi (Neyah-tea), gave a powerful prayer (in iNdebele, so only my comp heard it, as he speaks Zulu which is similar) in which he asked that his family be able to understand the things we taught and to have us come back and continue teaching them. He even closed in the name of Jesus Christ!
Sunday, the son, Trosky, even came to church! We got to stop by and see the family again Sunday night for a few minutes, and I could tell that they really liked having us around.

This week was fun, and I learned alot. I have been continuing my study of Isaiah, and all I can say is: WoW. (no, not World of Warcraft, or Word of Wisdom, just WoW)


Aunt Christine:
do you still play violin/piano/other instruments. has that been something you have been able to use on your mission, your knowledge of musical instruments? After all, it is the language of the world, music!
I haven't played the violin for about 2 years now (since graduating highschool) but there is a lot of singing that happens and whenever I need to read sheet music for anything, it is easy =P not that they have much sheet music here other than the hymns!

Grandma Twila
What advice would you offer to a young man who is preparing to serve a mission?
Get used to talking to people you don't know. Be comfortable with yourself and willing to step out of your comfort zone, you will everyday on mission.
List three things that you did that you feel were most helpful as you prepared.
Well, I didn't do the first one, but I wish I had:
1 Read the entire Book of Mormon meaningfully. study and understand. Mark your favorite things, and know what the BOM is in heart not just mind
2 Pay attention in Seminary and/or Institute. The stuff you learn and mark will be there to help you when you least expect it. The spirit draws on knowledge you already have, not knowledge that you wish you had. If you knew/know it, the spirit will make it more meaningful to you and to those you teach
3 Follow the commandments- live the way you know you should and the Lord will prepare you in the ways that you need to be prepared.

I love you all, and hope you all remember who you are. If you don't. . . well, then "It seems that the one who once did the wanting suddenly wants to be wanted by a different wanting that hasn't been wanted for the sake of wantness. . . eh?" The first one to name that quote will get to tell me something (reasonable) to do that I will then do and try to take a picture of if possible. . . =P

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