Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aug. 27, 2012

Well, if it isn't my little friend! Wait, it isn't
Anywho, sorry about all that. Point being-The end of the needle- this week was pretty boring. There wasn't much above average, and a bit that was below,but it wasn't bad. The makena family now have plans for the marriage. It will be in 3 weeks, so we are excited. Once they get married, we will be having the baptism that saturday (probably the 22nd of September).  
We were given some fish by sister Phiri (see last week) and brother Makena gave us some covo(veg), so on friday, I cooked a very legit african meal (will send pictures next week). Sadza, fish, and covo. It was pretty sweet. I have also been listening to some talks by Hugh Nibley some nights, and let me say. In-Cre-Dee-blay--- or, if you don't speak gibberish, incredible! I would really recommend him to anyone wanting some great talks to listen too! I found his talks on a byu site for speeches/devotionals.
Sorry again to everyone who is wanting a longer letter, I really don't have much to talk about right now, but I am having a lot of fun here in Zim.
love you all!
~Elder Williams

reply to Mom

If you look at things the other way, often the big picture will make a lot of sense. If we do things the world wants us to, however, we will often find ourselves confused to the purpose of everything. Look at it the other way, and you can see what can stop the underwear from breaking as well. I don't like it when things break =P
I bet collin will enjoy shooting up all the birds in the neighbors yard with a pellet gun, but I don't know how they would take to bird carcasses in their yard. . . purhaps poisonous gas would be a better solution? Well one thing is for sure, in your salsa this year you should make a few cans with like a billion peppers, spicy things, etc and label it "for Taggart- Warning: super freaking hot". Then you should save it for me  so I can try some! cuz I will bet that your garden tastes as amazing as it looks and feels!
I really have come to appreciate nature more, recently. I love to see all that God has given me!
I love remembering the picture we had in the 'fishy bathroom' growing up, the one with the boy in a small sailor's cap on looking at the ocean: "I say to myself as I look out to sea: 'there is nobody else in the world, and the world was made for me!' "
I love you so much mom! I can't wait to get your package and read the letters, but you can feel free to have the kids just send me a small email every week or so! I would love to hear from them (mostly directly) how they are enjoying school, play, etc. I love you tons!
~Elder Williams

letter from Mom Aug. 2012

Dear Taggart,

We got a little rain today.  boy would you guys laugh about the amount of rain we got.  In Zim it would seem like someone was playing a joke on you, as if someone splashed you with some water off of their hands.
the fruit is coming on and it is now officially canning season.  It is my favorite way to appreciate  home grown produce.  I am very happy about it.  Athen and Aren remember that you like to eat "all of the pears"  and they love peaches so they fit well into this season too.  We are off to AZ this weekend and going to see the cousins.  It will be a quick trip, but fun.  Camping and playing and making white man fires.  Kaitlyn comes out to BYU this week and we won't  get to see her, but maybe Amanda will.  Mackenzie is doing well and has great roommates.  I miss her though.  I love our yard.  I probably have told you that before, but it is one of the ways I feel God's love for me.  it is peaceful and beautiful and it allows me to help in making it that way.  I still need to get dad to make the fort for the little ones but it will be a while still.
trying to get rhubarb to plant in the garden and maybe more grapes this year.  The neighbors have a ton of birds that they love to feed in their yard and consequently we have to deal with them too.  I think they got to the grapes this time.  argh.  Tomatoes will be on soon and I will love making salsa too.
Today at church Aren did a pretty good job staying quiet and within boundaries I set.  while he was sitting on the floor in his kilt, he stopped stood up, lifted his kilt up and showed me his little penis had slipped out of the slit.  I quote, " Oh no Mom, it's broken"  Thurl Bailey was sitting right  next to us and got a good view of what was broken.  so I fixed it and then a little bit later he stood up and said again, "It's broken again".  And of course it was with a flash of the problem.  I then took him into the bathroom took his underwear off and put them on backwards and ouila, no more broken underwear and he can see the cartoon character better too.
Do you remember that you wore your underwear backwards too?  It was so you could see batman, poke man etc.  while you wore them.  I thought it made a lot of sense.
There is a metaphor in that.  Let me know what you come up with.
love you bunches.

Monday, August 13, 2012

the beautiful life in Zim. Aug. 13, 2012

We made cake... 8-13-2012

Yes, that's right, it is a lie! although, we only made one cake this week, for an investigator. . . and we didn't eat any of it. . . 
Well, Transfers will probably come in a few days, so we will see what is happening soon, and it should be interesting.

This week was pretty eventless. It was, for the most part just a typical week. Had some nice food, Bought a really awesome stone chess set in town, and had health training on wednesday. It was really cool, and we went over the usual health/safety tips/tricks. I really am starting to have a bit of a hobby with health/witchdoctoring, and soon, the whole mission will probably know me as witchdoctor williams. . . it is pretty awesome.
As far as teaching this week goes, there was not much that happened, but the makena family is almost ready for baptism. We are getting excited.

I apologize to all those wanting a long email today; it is a holiday and the email shop is closing really early, so our time has been cut short. Althought there is a video on the blog for you to check out (once my dad puts it up at least. . .) BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO, you aren't old yet. Not till next year . . . =P love you so much dad, and everyone else too. . .

Thanks all, will do a bigger email next week =P keep on keeping on, but careful
love you all cya

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)