Tuesday, August 28, 2012

reply to Mom

If you look at things the other way, often the big picture will make a lot of sense. If we do things the world wants us to, however, we will often find ourselves confused to the purpose of everything. Look at it the other way, and you can see what can stop the underwear from breaking as well. I don't like it when things break =P
I bet collin will enjoy shooting up all the birds in the neighbors yard with a pellet gun, but I don't know how they would take to bird carcasses in their yard. . . purhaps poisonous gas would be a better solution? Well one thing is for sure, in your salsa this year you should make a few cans with like a billion peppers, spicy things, etc and label it "for Taggart- Warning: super freaking hot". Then you should save it for me  so I can try some! cuz I will bet that your garden tastes as amazing as it looks and feels!
I really have come to appreciate nature more, recently. I love to see all that God has given me!
I love remembering the picture we had in the 'fishy bathroom' growing up, the one with the boy in a small sailor's cap on looking at the ocean: "I say to myself as I look out to sea: 'there is nobody else in the world, and the world was made for me!' "
I love you so much mom! I can't wait to get your package and read the letters, but you can feel free to have the kids just send me a small email every week or so! I would love to hear from them (mostly directly) how they are enjoying school, play, etc. I love you tons!
~Elder Williams

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