Monday, November 26, 2012

week before Thanksgiving...

Hello everybody and good morning USA! and everyone else as well!

In my new house, here in Kuwadzana, Harare, we have Myself (Elder Witchdoctor Williams), My companion (Elder Wyler), Elder Hansen, and Elder Tuai (pronounced Duwai). We have been having lots of fun, and this week, for 2 days in a row there was a power problem and so we had no power for those days (luckily my comp and I get DA's and LA's like almost everyday) but we got home on Wednesday, nice and full, for the first night without power. So, what did we do? We did what was natural. We played hide and seek in the pitch black! It was powerful. I was it first, and I grabbed a cushion and used it as my hand and felt around the entire house, every inch, poking for people. My plan backfired because I poked Elder tuai in the face with the cushion like 5 times and didn't realize it wasn't a wall. At one point, I reached towards him and he lifted himself up so that I felt under him, but couldn't see him due to literally no light. It was crazy. I checked the whole house and had only found my comp, and was really confused, because I had checked every inch. Turned out I had also jabbed elder Hansen in a nearly not so nice place but I found them eventually. We continued to play for another hour and then went to bed, but MAN! It was fun!

We also have been playing a lot of chess this week! All 4 of us like to play, so we have too much fun at the end of the day. 

In the area, we have some really cool people that we are teaching. I will just talk about one of them right now: Sister Katsande. Her husband and older son were just recently baptized, and she and her younger son are both investigating the church. We taught her a very powerful restoration lesson on tuesday (she has been mostly not serious before) but she really showed that she wanted to know that our message is true. She is now reading from the book of mormon and praying each day. She is looking towards being baptized on december 8th so we'll see how that goes down.

This weekend we also had stake conference, which consisted mostly of an are broadcast for the Africa south-east area. It was really cool, but my companion and I didn't hear about half of it. We were in charge of ushering for the primary room. The primary room consisted of about 100ish children of age 2-12, all of whom don't want to sit still, stay quiet, and also want to go to the bathroom or go get a drink every 2 minutes. We had to make sure that there was some semblance of order, and let me tell you, it was not easy. But, all is said and done! so, uhh yea. 

love you all tons! don't forget to sleep longer than an elf, and to eat more than a moth, as well as churning enough butter for a braii. 
~Elder Williams


Thanksgiving was great this time around! We had a nice semi feast that was pretty good. Mashed potatoes and chicken, and it tasted nice. Well, this week FLEW by! oh my gosh! we had a baptism this weekend, and Mildret was quite ready for it. She was ready before I came, so I don't know her very well, but she is going to be a powerful new convert to the church.
In other news, the coolest thing that happened this week was at the end of our sunday night. The last appointment before dinner (last appointment of the night) fell through, and so we decided to drop those investigators, (they hadn't been to church now for 2 weeks and have missed the last few appointments) and now we needed a new father-led family. I said a quick prayer in my heart, and we decided to go to a street accross from some members to teach a lesson. We got to the start of the street, and I looked out at it and said to my comp and the Ward missionary, "guys, somewhere on this street is a father-led family that we are going to baptize by the end of January. Let's go find 'em!". So we set out and I felt pulled to one of the first houses. We knocked on the gate, and went and found the father (who, against odds, was there), and introduced ourselves. We went to his home (next door) and  taught about the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, extended a date, and set a return appointment. They seemed pretty interested, and we are seeing them again on Wednesday, so we'll see if they are the family we will beptize in January. =P Other than that, the week was pretty good. The baptism went well, and we had a lot of dinners in the area this week, and this coming week we will be doing a lot of service!!! happy day, it is going to be good.
well, onto. . .
G-ma Twila
 How is your health doing? 
Have you had a problem with allergies there?
It doesn't get that bad, I just get a runny nose during season transitions.
Do people there have a lot of health issues?
Not too many. More than back home, but not as much as the media makes it out to be.
overall, people eat pretty healthy here. Health issues come from breaking the LoC and WoW here. . .
Are you in the city right now? 
Yup, well, kinda. I live close to Harare, the Capitol city in Zim, so it is city like in my area, but not in the city. (kinda like the place we live as far as how suburban it is)
How are the members in this new area?
They are powerful. They love feeding us, and working with us so it is a nice time!
 Do you ever feel that there is true animosity towards the church there?
Not really. Nothing in Zim is like it was in Mutare. Nowhere else will you be called a satanist on a regular basis.
I love you all so much! keep on keepin on, and having fun!
~Elder Williams