Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Well hello everyone!
Crazy to think, but yes, I am almost 6 months out. *p.s. Nathan, if you don't get your papers in soon. . . Dokarova (i'll beat you)
As for news, I have had an interesting week, from doing service at a deaf school, to watching general conference late at night and *surprise!* still falling asleep for some talks, to going to the army museum here in Gweru. Well, all is fun until someone gets hurt and none of that happened this week, so we're good.

That's right, we went and did a service project at a school for deaf children. It was fun, we did some gardening, and also got to play with the kids. It was lots of fun, and we had a good time right up to the end. I am attaching some pictures here, the rest will be put up on the blog as usual =P (by my daddio)

We also got to watch some of General Conference (starting from 6pm-8, then 10-12) and that was fun/tiring. I really enjoyed Henry B. Eyering's talk in the first session about trials. It was cool to hear, and I can't wait to be able to watch it all again when I can take notes and stay awake! We also made a jack-load of popcorn this week, and enjoyed that quite a bit. Bike repairs meant lots of time fixing my bike and still having the pedals brake, but it is all working now I think.

My house also went to a war museum and saw some cool things. I got a picture of some spears and a shield which I wish I had sooooo badly! as well as some other cool things.
Next week on P-day, we are going to antelope park, where I will have the opportunity to walk with LIONS!!!!!!!! it is going to be cool =P

On the missionary work aspect for the week, we were pretty cramped due to the service and conference so most our days were only half work days, but we managed to survive. We had a baptism on Saturday, for both 2 investigators, and a child of record. The young boy, Ngonizashe, took a nice big breath right as I put him under the water and came up sputtering, but he was ok after a few minutes. The problem with the baptism was: I am a pants size 32. They had no belt. The pants they have were either size 28 or 48. . . so I had [-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------] this much extra fabric that I had to tie up. It was pretty funny, and everyone kept laughing, but hey- them's the beans. Other than that, the baptism went smashingly. We are currently teaching a father who is in his late 60's i think, and he doesn't speak amazing english, but it is passable. As we are teaching him (3 lessons now) he is wanting to learn, but when we started talking to him about how baptism needs to be by the correct authority and that authority lies only in the true church of God. He started seeming pretty sad, but then his fellowshipper bore his testimony that it was true and how he could know that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true if he prayed about it, the investigator looked a lot happier (not sure if that story made sense, but that is how I am going to leave it). When the difficult moments come, what a blessing it is to have a good fellowshipper there to help the investigator to feel the extra love and strength added by a third witness.

We are having a couples dinner this weekend for both investigators and members so that will be fun, and it will hopefully get us a jack-load of referals too.

there were no questions this week, but always feel free to ask! 

I love you all, 
~Elder Williams

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