Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Hey all you people, won't you listen to me! Oh, I just had a sandwich, no ORDINARY sandwich, it was the tastiest sandwich in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a krabby patty with jelly fish jeellllllyyyyyyyyy! yadabida-booda-bida-boo-dabi-daboodabi-bob-yeaaaaaaaaaa!

yea. . . not a really difficuly reference, but that is besides the point. Well, see if you can get this one:
"Why are you complaining? you can leave whenever you want!"
"No I can't you're forcing me to stay here!"
"Thaaat's besides the point."

LION VIDEOS!!!! (sorry randomly inserted comment, couldn't help myself, I was able to condense the one. . . I think my camera makes the files super extra too large. . . =/ idk why)

maybe a bit botched up, but begger's can't be choosers. . . and I haven't watched that in like 2 years. . .
Well, now on to the important bit. . . COOKIES! nope, sorry, that's next time (spoiler alert. . . no not really, I am just kidding)
the REAL important bit is that now I have a new companion, Elder Nzimande, from Durban, South Africa. He is a really cool guy and I am excited to have him as a companion. Well, It is going to be fun! I also had my first oreo on mission, and I will upload the file so you can see it too! *it is Elder Nzimande Narrating/filming.

We had an enjoyable week together, and this next transfer is going to fly by and be a blast, I can't wait!

In other news, we had a father we have been teaching (Brother Muchenge) Finally come to church! I am so excited for him. He is working towards being beptized on the 12 of may, and will hopefully be ready. Once he gets dunked, his wife will too, and then it will be the whole family! (all the children are already members). Well, I apparently like the word 'well' alot recently, so we'll see how that goes, but it is time for questions.


Gma Twila:
Has it been a bit of a challenge to adjust to native companions who come from such a different culture?  I think you must look at it as an adventure.
Well, for the most part, the companions I have had are from either states or SA, which is similar to states, but the culture even here in Zim isn't too weird. My last companion was still very Zim in his mannerisms, and we didn't really have challenges. I like to think I adjust easy anyway. . . =P
What is a typical days menu for you?
Eish, gotta think about that one. I eat alot of Chicken, Sadza, Rice, and Mince (ground beef), as well as Kovo and other greens. A typical dish will be a meat, starch, greens, and soup mix. 
Do you do most of your own cooking or do members invite you over often?
We do a lot of our own, but we also have been getting DA's alot more recently. I saw/see members often and they now enjoy feeding us.
Do they drink milk there and do they have cold cereal?
They have alot of stuff here for both food and hygiene etc that I never thought they would. Yes they have Cold cereal (kellog's cornflakes, frosted flakes etc. Not any General mills names though.)
Do they have any good places to eat out?
oooohh yea, Nando's is way awesome, Shangrilah (Chinese), various other nearly american resturaunts. Very much like South African cuisine.
I want to hear about the children there!  
What are they like?
Well, they are children, just like back home, but a lot less monitored. There aren't really cars everywhere as much as in states, and kids will just go and play around with their friends near home. 
What is school like for them?
School here is very similar to home (if public) except there are always uniforms. There are also alot of boarding schools. 
Are you in more of the country side or the city?
Cityish. I live just 1 comby ride away from Gweru Town. 
Are there lots of families located in the cities?
Not as high density as the areas where most missionaries work. 
Is the winterish time coming soon for you?
Yup. Gweru gets the coldest in Zim, and June is the peak of the Cold season.
Do they have mainly market places for shopping?
Grocery stores in town (Spar, OK, TM) is what we use, there are also lots of flea markets and street markets for food and clothes.
Where do people get their clothes from?
Lots from the States, as well as from south. Some are also made here in Zim, but I think most is from USA or SA

Well, to close for the week I would like to apologize for not having much of a big spiritual experience this week. I was sick on tuesday and wednesday with a fever, did some nice sudoku and sleeping on wednesday, and worked hard enough with my comp to make up for the missed/slow days. I also had some DELICIOUS chicken soup made by the couple missionaries in my area, the Eyres. It was a fun, eventful week, and I am feeling much better now!

Love you all tons, keep on keepin on!


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