Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Uhh, hey there everybody. . . how are you doin'?
jumping right into the action here, 

  • Tuesday 
    • Lunch time: Zone Leaders: "Hey, will you guys help the Mambo and Mkoba 2nd Elders move into the new house in Mkoba 1 Tomorrow?"
    • Me: "Yea, sure, of course."
    • 9:00pm Zone Leaders: "Elder Nzimande and Elder Williams, You guys are actually going to be moving in to the new house. . . be ready at 9am tomorrow."
    • Me: "OK. . . oh wait, WHAT?"
So there we are, packing everything tuesday night to move to our new house (in our area which is nice) the next morning. So we spend the whole day going and moving things to the new house (we are now with different Elders, which is cool) and then Allotment finally came, so off we go to town to buy food!!! We get there and OK (supermarket) is like so full, it looks like sardines packed in a can, so off to SPAR!!! (1km away) buy food there for the house, and grab a taxi and head home! now we are home, and we need to get everything put away and into the Fridge.freezer to keep it at least somewhat cold, because the power hasn't been hooked up yet, and we also have no water. . . We got into our area (although technically we were in our area most of this time =P hehe, troll troll) around 7pm. . . time for 1 lesson (happily, it was a referall who had come to church so we picked up a new investigator family) and then home to little water, no power and a prayer of thanks that sister Cheezie had offered food =P

Well, so this week was pretty awesome. We have been seeing increased help from the members in the ward this transfer, and so we had a good week despite the chaos as well as a day and a half of trying to get things working in the house. We are still heating up water for bucket baths in mornings (the water heater, or "Geyser" isn't working yet) and as soon as power goes in the morning we no longer have running water but hey! we met our indicators for Member presents again! happy day =P

There is a Family that we are teaching right now (We just baptized the youngest son 3 weeks ago), they are the Phiri family, and the 3 oldest Children are less active members (baptized in 2003) and so we are teaching the Father, Mother, and the twin sister of Mario. They are a really cool family, and are related to our RC's from march, as well as a member who has been for a while. It has been really nice teaching them, (only been 2 weeks, 3 lessons) but the challenge has been getting them to church. I really hope to see the family baptized this transfer or next, but alot sits on the Aunt helping them alot. A good fellowshipper can make the difference for investigators between being baptized and not, as well as how fast they can be ready.

Attaching pictures of the last 2 baptism, as well as a ginormous avacado (VERY tasty btw) 

So, I will be attaching pictures of the new house as well as stuff from the last two weeks. 

What type of music is popular there?
Lots of reggae and house music, as well as R&B. 
Do they do the traditional music we hear in the USA for African music?I love the traditional stuff with a little of the modern added to it.
What do they use for instruments?
I honestly don't know =/ My comp says: guitars, mbira- mostly these

Well, I love you all, and remember that you are all aloud to email me! so feel free to just tell me what is going on! =P
~Elder Missionary Williams

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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