Monday, May 28, 2012

new transfer... May 28, 2012

Well, everyone, Transfers come and go, missionaries leave, but many are 
never forgotten. I received my transfer call on friday and was told that I 
am going to Bulawayo. My time in Gweru was short but good. I really hope 
that I have made a lasting change in Mkoba 1st ward, because I feel I gave 
my level best, this last transfer especially. My new companion is going to 
be Elder Dragon, and we will be staying the house alone (this will be a 
first for me). In Blues (short for Bulawayo) they speak iNdebele, so my 
days with Shona are at a stand still. However, I am going to have fun with 
iNdebele. exoxo (means frog, sounds like e-klo-klo because of the way you 
click with the side of you mouth) is part of a sentence that I am going to 
learn. I will send a video of me saying it once I get it down.

In leaving, I took the opportunity to both bear my testimony in Shona in 
sacrament meeting, as well as to give, what I think was a good talk, on 
helping the ward to become a family. I also gave a lesson with my companion 
with the Muchenje family (a part member family where the parents are the 
only ones who need to be baptized) about the very purpose of existence: 

We also saw a lot of our recent converts this week, and we have 2, both Named Joseph (Joseph Nzapu, and Joseph Ndlovu) who want to be able to serve missions, and they are both really making improvements in helping with missionary work. It is really exciting to see the growth of those we have had the opportunity to help. 

I really feel I have made a difference in the lives of many people in Gweru, and I hope it is a lasting impression, not just a temporary one.


Grandma Twila-
I can't believe that you are eating caterpillers! Are they really tasty? 
Well, they were quite tasty! I actually enjoyed them, although you need to be sure not to get pricked by the spines as you chew and swallow. Sister Moyo is a nice cook (will attach a picture of her)
How are they prepared? 
Boiled (for a few hours. . .), then fried in cooking oil, then coated with spices. Quite a nice treat when done right!
I might be persuaded to try one if they were dipped in chocolate.
That would probably not be near as delectable.

Well, everyone, as I write this, I am now in Bulawayo with my new companion, and so, in lieu of the present task of having P-day, I bid you all farewell. 
~Elder Williams


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