Monday, July 29, 2013

Of things in Africa and Zambia... 7-29-2013

Excerpt from Domonique's letter...

As far as china goes, CHINA IS GOING TO TAKE OVER AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am only half-joking. They take care of a TON of the building projects go for malls, sports stadiums, etc. They kind of have tons of stuff all over africa. . . one day I think they may legitimately take over africa. . . like hostile takeover, but we'll see =P 

I am glad to hear that Grandma Harper is doing better. I will also keep you in my prayers for your job. 

Well, as for learning stick and such, I am doing well, just starting up the habit. I am enjoying it. The terrain here in Zambia is flat, and almost desert like. It isn't humid like Zimbabwe is, and it is hotter. I will be taking a driving test on Thursday probably to get a Zambian License. 



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