Monday, July 1, 2013

To feel the Spirit and know it... July 2013

This week was a good one!
I am going to share about a lesson we had on sunday after church.
My comp was busy getting things finished off with getting the baptismal record finished off, and our investigator samson was waiting for us, so I grabbed Elder Hansen (works in the group attached to Ndola branch, they meet with us 5th and 1st sundays) who's comp was also busy, and we taught Samson. It was not only a powerful lesson, (my first time teaching with Elder Hansen-from SLC, Utah) but also it was totally inspired (even elder Hansen being there).
So, we begin talking to him about his questions. He had some great questions, and we gave some powerful answers. Then we continued on with the first part of the Restoration (focus on prophets). To close off, we emphasized on personal revelation, and the Spirit. He asked how he could recognize the Spirit, and we explained, shared some scriptures, but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to be sure that he could recognize the Spirit. Elder Hansen (as he later said he was directed by the Spirit to ask this specifically) asked if there was ever a time that he (samson) had been listening to music and felt just a strong feeling. I had the thought come *crap, he is going to bring up some random rap song or something not even related to the Spirit*. Samson thought for a second, and said "Yes, there was one movie I watched about a missionary (the other side of heaven, fyi), and at the end, they sang hymn 152 and it really hit me hard." We then testified to him that that had been the Spirit.
While later talking to Elder Hansen, he shared about how he had pretty much the same question about recognizing the Spirit before he got baptized, but the missionaries were unable to answer him. He connected with samson and was given the question to ask, however 'out there' it may have seemed. It was the perfect question, from the best person, to the one who needed it.
Well, things are great here.
Today, we are going to the trade fair (which is like a state fair, but international rather than state), so it will be fun. I will let you guys know next week! 

Grandma Twila
They are really starting the push here to get members involved in missionary work.  Do you still do tracting there? Yes  How much are you able to
   use facebook, twitter, texting, etc, or do many people have those devices?
Not here. At the moment, we don't use them at all. 
Love you all, take well!
~Elder Williams

Start Strong: Finish STRONGER!
~Taggart Williams

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