Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to drive a stick shift and why... July, 14 2013

Last monday, on my way home from emailing, I received a call from
President Erickson. He extended a call to serve as a Zone Leader in
Lusaka. This was surprising to me to say the least, and so I declined.
. . just kidding. Who do you think I am? So, anyway, I of course said
that I would be happy to serve. I am now serving with Elder Ariho from
Uganda. I am really loving him already, and we are going to have a
great time together. I am his final companion, but we are still
working hard and having a ball.

Now, as a Zone Leader, I will be needing to drive, so it was a good
thing my liscense was stolen way back when in Harare. Because of that,
and because my parents cannot get a new liscense for me while I am on
the other side of the world, I am needing to get a liscense here
before I can drive. That means that I am needing to go through the
ENTIRE process to do so. This week we were able, amidst all the
confusion and chaos of 4 of the Elders in the Zone being evicted on
wednesday (out of no fault of the mission-just the landlady who kindly
offered us 1 month of free rent because of our inconvenience. . .
hahaha yea. We decided to make different housing arrangements
instead), to get me a provisional liscense; the equivalent of a
learner's permit. So now, while the zone is minus a bus (we drive a
hiace-a nice 16 seater), we are trying to get me legal, and get
accustomed to driving a stick-shift. I have driven stick shift once on
the road, and it was when I failed a mission 'road test' about 19
months ago. . . so YAY! I am going to learn / become accustomed to
stick! No fears though. God provides.

So, this week we also had a baptism. Sister Charity was baptized and
confirmed by her husband and it was powerful.

We also moved into a new house with the housing switchup. So, we now
live in a part of our area (which covers most of the city Lusaka)
rather than a 45 minute drive away (which was really fun without a car
of our own. . .).

On Friday, we had Zone Conference with President Erickson (his first
here) which was awesome. Following which, I was able to have an
interview with him. I really like him a lot. It is interesting to
serve under 4 different mission Presidents and see the different ways
that they do things. So far though, I can say that I like/will like
each MP more than the previous one. President Erickson is awesome. I
am so exited to serve under him for the next few months.

This week was sweet and Elder Ariho and I are going to have a good
time as the coming weeks bring more challenges and fun, and hopefully
we can begin driving. . . today. We'll see.

Love you all. Keep well, use preservatives, but keep good taste in mind!

~Elder Williams

Start Strong: Finish STRONGER!
~Taggart Williams

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