Monday, July 29, 2013

Wait, Where is the clutch pedal on the computer? July 29, 2013

My hand keeps looking for the stick to shift. . . but the keyboard is flat.

I am still learning stick, but it feels weird right as I am getting going and right after I am done practicing. So, I will be getting a Zambian Driver's License probably this Thursday, at which point I will be legal to drive here!

We were able to see Peter (the Chinese man) this week, and it was fun despite the chaos of having two randomly insterted, newly set apart missionaries working with us for the day. Well, although I haven't trained anyone before (nor will I at this point), I have been with someone to teach their first lesson as a missionary. . . The difficulty with Peter's friend, Phillip, is that he wants to know the difference between the catholic church and the other churches, but he doesn't yet have a fundamental understanding of Christianity itself. We are going to be starting from square one, and will be using the church videos such as 'finding faith in christ' so that he can understand and be able to re-watch.

We also have the granddaughter of one of our members that we are going to be baptizing on the 10th of August. It is going to be exiting, because Niza is really enjoying church.

I also interviewed someone for the first time for baptism yesterday. It was an interesting experience. He is not fluent at all with english so I had to have a translator. We sat down, started with a prayer, and went over the questions. His understanding of all of the doctrines was unsure, because of the difficulty in language, unsurety of the translator, as well as his shy nature. I wasn't sure if he was ready to be baptized, so after we finished, I waited behind them for a minute and knelt to offer a prayer. I told about what I had felt, but asked if he was ready to be baptized. The warm assurance of the Spirit told me that despite my surface analysis, he was ready. After I finished the second interview, I went and told the sister missionaries that both candidates had passed. They expressed that they were very happy to hear that. The first one (the one who I was unsure about) had been coming to church now for 3 months, and had had his baptism pushed before so that he could be ready. Despite his shyness, from what I had felt and what the sisters told me, he does sound ready. The amount of clarity personal revelation brings into our lives is amazing to me. That is something that I have been able to come to understand over the course of my mission, and I continue to have it reaffirmed day by day.

I am told that your Zone Leader is a big job/calling.  I am excited for you.  What does it entail and do you still do proselyting?
Mostly, as Zone Leaders, my companion and I make sure that the missionaries in the Zone always have drinking waters (we use dispensers), as well as materials such as pamphlets, copies of the Books of Mormons (hehe haha), We also are in charge of Zone Meeting once a month to go over training that we feel is needed for the zone. Mostly, we proselyte as normal, just with errands thrown in the mix. In all of Lusaka, there are also areas that are too far for missionaries to go to to teach while on foot without spending ridiculous amounts of transport money. We assume teaching responsibility for such areas if investigators there will progress. That is about it. 

Well, I love you all. God bless and keep you on your way.
~Elder Williams

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