Sunday, August 4, 2013

Letter to Mom and Dad from Mission President in Zambia...

2 August, 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Williams,
    Your son, Elder Taggart Williams, is now serving as one of our Zone Leaders.  He was called after prayerful consideration and because of his obedience, hard work, teaching skills and leadership capabilities.  I have watched him develop these abilities while he has been faithfully serving as a missionary in Zambia.
    Zone Leaders help direct the missionary efforts throughout their assigned Zone.  They carry significant responsibility for training and motivating missionaries and serve as role models for all missionaries assigned in their Zone.  They communicate and enhance relationships between myself and other missionaries.  Their efforts are essential in building the Kingdom of God in the Zambia Lusaka Mission.
    I thank you for your role in preparing and guiding such a fine young man.  I appreciate the sacrifices you have made to help support him in the mission field. 
(As an added note, Elder Williams just earned his Zambia driver’s license today!!!)

  Warm regards,

  President Leif J. Erickson
  Zambia Lusaka Mission

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