Monday, August 5, 2013

Got the License! 2013 Aug. 5

Okay, that last part may have been an exaggeration, but I am driving. . . We went and got my license on Friday, and boy was it annoying! But, long story short, I am going to have a legit Zambian License in 3 weeks, and atm I have the temporary paper. I am also doing actually very well in driving stick (especially considering I learned how in the last month, with a total of 4 times driving before getting my license). The funny part, I never even had to take a real test to get it. We kind of just threw paper work and titles around for a few hours and got a conversion off of my stolen American License. funny stuff, eh? 
On a different note, we are baptizing sister Niza this coming saturday, and things are crazy because my companion's group is going home this week. Their release is on 12 Aug, and from about thursday till then, we will have about 9 extra missionaries here in Lusaka who will be doing who knows what while they wait to get their interviews with President Erickson. This will be all 3 of my companions in Zambia going at the same time. . . and today was the release date for my trainer. . . time is creeping up, but nonetheless, LIFE'S GOOD!
Well, I love you all and am happy that you are all alive and well (so far as I know at least), so I hope that you stay that way.
Love you all tons!
~Elder Williams

Start Strong: Finish STRONGER!
~Taggart Williams

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