Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov. 14 Taggart learns a language

Hey all,
I forgot to talk a little about the language here!

When the people here speak english it is much slower than I am used to. I need to talk slowly and pronounce the t's and such more heavily. In contrast, Shona is spoken very quickly here and without knowing the words, I honestly can't tell most words apart. I know the Lord sent me here to learn a language rather than in the MTC because had I been forced to stay 9-12 weeks in the MTC to learn a language, there is no possible way I would have survived. I kid you not, I would have gone crazy (well more technically insane than I presently am, let's face it. I am pretty crazy already!).

Learning Shona makes me miss the good old days of French (not the teacher or the class I had, but the language itself), so when I get back, I am probably going to delve deeper into that cavern as well. (I am going to try to learn more french)

love you all,
~Elder Williams

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