Monday, November 21, 2011

You are the best. I am so glad that you are my mother for thousands of reasons, most of which I won;t comprehend during this life, but I know that God had a plan for us. I am so grateful for everything that you do for me, and have done for me. I was walking today and we saw some stone statues (small) for sale. We went to see and they were amazing, and CHEAP. I mean, they are like the size of your wood sculptures (hope, love etc. the angel ones), very beautiful, and made of a good looking stone. I got a Lion and a lioness, for $5 dollars a pop. I will get some for the kids (kenzie --> aren). I saw some of families (parents kissing and 1-3 kids in a circle, top to bottom) of a very similar style to the aforementioned wood sculptures of yours. I talked to the artist and he is making me one of a family of 7 (about 6 inches tall) for $15!!!! i mean, holy crap! So if you and Dad end up picking me up here in Zim, we will have to come to Mutare because the area is beautiful and you would pass out when you saw these sculptures and some of the other things.
It is awesome to hear about the birds and Ginger: I know that God looks out for us. I have talked to you about my outlook on life, how I expect and prepare for the 'universe to open a way for me'. When we do this, expect it, and give thanks to God, I know that he will help us time and time again. Whether it is turning a group of ravens around to circle over you, or to turn every stop light you see green for you, or to give you countless other opportunities throughout your life, He will always help us; even in the smallest things we do.

with love always, 
your son, ~Elder Taggart Williams

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