Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan. 7, 2013

This last week was a good one. We didn't have the fall-through issues we had the previous week, and so we had a bit more success. We had a father who has been less active for a while at church on Sunday, so that was very nice to see. On saturday, we had a fun time proselyting in the rain, and then having 3 tag-along member kids with us for the next hour as we struggled, fruitlessly, to find a house of a referral we had contacted. Oh how I miss organized house addresses! But nonetheless it was a fun time =P this is missionary work! walking around in soaking wet shoes, socks, pants with a 4 year old on your shoulders inviting people to church and asking for directions to a nonexistent house!

So, on my birthday, yup, you guessed it! We went to a steak house! It was practically american (the silver spur), and right before we got our food, my comp went up to the counter. When he came back he said "yup, it's american". Elder Hansen was surprised. I was oblivious. What was it that made them american? IDK. They continued talking about it, and then it hit me. "You told them it was my birthday, didn't you?" my comp asked what I meant, but I KNEW! and sure enough, after we order our milkshakes, this loud noise starts in the back. Suddenly, a group of employees comes over with a lit sparkler in a bowl of Ice-cream singing a crazy cool birthday song I had never heard before! I did not, however, record it. On the bright side, Elder Hansen's birthday is feb 9, so we will go back and I will record it then. We started teaching a new family this week, and we are hoping that it will go somewhere. One of the moms there has cancer and is not doing too hot, and we gave her a blessing (at her request), but there was no promise of recovery. It was for peace and comfort. We are going to be baptizing a family this weekend (jan 12) and so we are excited, and so are they.
love you all tons! keep on keepin on.

~Elder Williams

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