Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 25, 2013

"If you get a 'fly so fast it reverses time itself' gadget, on your belt. . . lemme know. . ." "I'm batman. . . I carry things on my belt" "It's cool!" " cuz I'm Batman!" "Dude, it's cool!"

That's right. . . I carry things on my belt!

So, one thing I wanted to share with everyone was something one of our investigators, Prince, said. "Guys, I wanted to tell you something. As I have been reading from the Book of Mormon, I feel like I understand the Bible better! Plus, before I used to always have bad dreams, but ever since I started reading the Book of Mormon, I haven't had any more. This really is an amazing book." So, ya. I got a happy feeling when he said that. Now we just have to help him get to church again. He came once, but has been having some family issues and isn't able to come if his father forces him to stay home. . . yea.

We had the Hodges over on monday, and that was fun! We had a nice FHE and watched some of the Life of Christ videos. I really love having those at my disposal for seeing members and such. 

We are starting to work a little bit in a part of our area that doesn't see missionaries much, but it turns out it is a lot closer than we thought, so we are excited about that. We have some new people we have been teaching that are showing some promise and so we hope to really push for them to get baptized soon. The challenge is, they are all difficult to meet with! some of them we are only able to see one time a week, but we are making due. We also have a few families that are getting their marriages civilized and then will move on to baptism. 

well, I love you all. sorry for the short email, we are doing a lot today and I have got to get gone!

sarai zvakanaka!
~Elder Williams


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