Monday, June 25, 2012

june 18, 2012

Well, right now I am having quite a fun time. I just got back from a Zone activity, and it was pretty fun. We went to a dam here in Bulawayo, and it was fun going with both Zones. We had a braii, and some Mazoe as well, so it was an all around good time. We just had a baptism this weekend, Brother and Sister Shoko. We were really excited for them, so that they can be able tom help the branch grow. The branch I am working in was opened just about 8-10 months ago, and so almost all members here in emganwini are recent converts. We are meeting in a meeting house, and the font is a portable (see pictures of set-up). It is pretty cool, and fun to help this branch grow. Elder Dragon and I have been doing alot of sifting through our teaching pool, but our prayers and fasting for the part of our are called Island have really helped! We found a few people there who we feel are really prepared for the gospel. We started teaching them this week, and one of them even came to church! We were very excited and were able to help answer questions and concerns. The trick we face now is to find people we can consistently take with us to see them, as there is but one member family in Island. However, they are really seeming like they will be both willing and excited to help in this area when they can. We have high hopes for Island and hope to really get these people used to missionaries, and willing to let us into their homes to save them!
Well, we are low on time this week because the activity took extra long, so I will jump to questions.

Aunt michelle:
SO what  kind of food do you cook and eat now?
Cajun chicken, lemon bars, lots of good stuff. (see pictures) also, last night we ate guinea pig and rabbit.
And  it sounds like you have moved several times? how many now?  and how offten are you expected to move ?
third area now. It depends between missionaries. Some move alot, some little. 
When you say its cold there about what degrees? 50s  and where does it come from  like is  it coming off the ocean?
I don't know numbers, because I haven't ever looked at a thermometer. But it is partly because I am adjusting to the climate. It still isn't Utah Cold, let alone minnesota cold =P I know not from where it comes, but you can see where I am if you type in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe into google maps.

I love you all so much!
stay well,
~Elder Williams

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