Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4. cold?

It's that time of the week again, and MAN is it cold! I don't know if I am losing my Utah-used-to-the-coldness, or if it is actually really cold or just a combination, but wow. I mean, not FREEZING COLD, but I can't just go with a short-sleeve anymore. I need to carry my sweater!
My new area is seeming nice so far, but the first few days I was going through Shona withdrawals. I just speak it so much (just intermixed with English. . . I almost wrote Churungu instead of English. . .) and now most people here don't understand if I say Makadini, orZuwarakorangorurisei. 
Well, my companion and I are eating nice things this transfer! We have already had some good stuff (see vids on blog) and it will continue to be good!

We had a fun week, met lots of new people. It is interesting to see the difference in culture between Shonas and iNdebeles. We have one family we are seeing, the Ncube family, who is/was Roman Catholic. We saw them on Saturday night and had a lesson about the sacrament/priesthood. We challenged them to pray that night and to sincerely ask God if this church is true, and if it has His divine authority. Sunday came, and brother and sister Ncube were there. My companion gave a note to Brother Ncube saying that it was a fast and testimony meeting, and that if he felt like he could, he could get up and share his testimony. He did so. He got up and testified about how he knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints is the only true church, and how it has power and authority from God. It was a very powerful testimony and really made the day for both my companion and myself.

In my new are we have a bunch of branch missionaries. . . DUN DUN DUN who help! *shocked screams!!!* yea, weird isn't it? I can tell this transfer will be a fun one for many reasons, and to top it off, our mission president leaves in 3-4 weeks! so we may see some slight changes at that time, but only time will tell.

Questions: Nathan:
Are there any families that you've grow attached to?
not yet in my new area, as it has only been 1 week, but for sure in my previous areas, and for sure in the future. 
Have you met someone that reminds you of someone you know?  
well, a convert in my last area reminds me of my brother. His name is *mario and he is just a cool guy (same age as collin too. . . =P)

I love you all, don't forget to take your doxy! haha just kidding. . . please, *do not try that at home (the joking that is). ***

I'll ttyl!
~Elder Williams

*No, he doesn't wear a red hat with a big 'M'
**Joking has a tendancy to sometimes cause tail-cancer in people un-accustomed to quiet silence. use with caution
***Empty space is very deadly. DO NOT INHALE

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