Monday, June 11, 2012

the island... June11, 2012

Well, hello there everybody
It is now getting pretty fetching cold here in Bulawayo, not what I was expecting, and I think I am really starting to adjust to local weather conditions! so, wind + cold air double up to make it pretty chilly some days.
My companion and I are still eating nice things. . . man, he can COOK! it is really nice, and we have lots of fun with food, as well as teaching.
We are presently preparing some families for baptism, and really sifting through our teaching pool right now. There is a part of our area called island which is, well, isolated from everything else (like a 20-30 minute walk from the rest of the area, if we are already on the edge.) Last week, we decided that we were going to dedicate thursdays to just working in island. There is one member family there, and about 100 (give or take) other houses in Island. We fasted and prayed so that we would be able to fidn people there, and went on thursday. Lo and behold, despite the generally desolate feel in island, we have seen and made appointments with a few people, and also received a referal there. We have now decided to dedicate both tuesdays and thursdays there to do lots of finding and even to visit each and every house at least once. We have high hopes for Island, and will keep praying and working hard there.
The Ncube (you say this by saying Noobay with a click that sounds like a 'tisk' after the N with your lips almost puckered to make a 'U' sound. . . now you can say something in iNdebele) family that I talked about last week is preparing to be baptized on the 23 of June, so we are really excited for them, The mother and father are the ones really progressing. We had a nice lesson with them on Word of wisdom and fixed a few concerns. On saturday, we had a training meeting which will now become a regular thing with our branch missionaries. We had a powerful lesson about testimonies and the Book of Mormon. They all enjoyed it and were very adamant that we do the meeting regularly, and so we are. I really feel it is going to help them become stronger teachers, and more confident in sharing the gospel.

This week was fairly typical, but had some interesting particulars. We are really hoping and praying for help in Island, so I will let you all know how everything goes!
love you all,
~Elder Williams

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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