Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

Well, it appears as if it has come to an end. . .Not my mission, you silly people, just the time with president Dube!
As of now, Our mission president is President Cook. President Dube was
a great president, and is now actively a member of the Area 70. This
week we also received transfers (it being week 5, not week 6), and,
very unusual, all things were done next day. Calls tuesday, areas
shifted wednesday. Elder Dragon and I are staying together another
transfer, and that means that it is going to be a fun one. We have
been having a lot of difficulties in the area due to lots of
fallthroughs and needing to drop people who aren't ready. It has been
difficult. I don't really have any spiritual experiences to share for
this week, so sorry to all of you who are wanting one. When I say that
this week was difficult, I mean it was full of hairpulling, facepalms,
and letting people go.

There was happy news, at least. There is a girl we have been teaching,
Pinky, who needs parent permission to be baptized, but her mom lives
in Botswana. We got word from her uncle, Brother Sibanda (who she
stays with) that they got permission from the Mom. We are very happy
for her, and her date is set for the 7th of July (this saturday).

We were able to see the recently baptized Shoko family, and that was a
treat. They are getting a large picture of the Jo-burg temple for
their home, and they are so happy as they learn more and more about
the gospel, the temple, etc. It is always good to see those we have
taught truly progress in the gospel and learn and improve their lives.

I love you all,
stay well

~Elder Williams

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