Monday, July 23, 2012

OF RATS AND MEN; july 23, 2012

E.D."Companion, I just saw the rat again"
E.W."in the bathroom?"
E.D. "yup"

Following this conversation, we discovered how that rat was getting in the house (through the shower drain/hole). We went outside, and concluded that the collapsed dirt was due to a rat nest. Yes, we had a rat. We decided the best way to bring out the rat was pour water into the hole, so we got two buckets of water. We had let the rat go before, and it had apparently come back, and was still going into our house (we had seen signs of it for about the last two weeks, and found poop/dirt in random places like our beds. . .), so it was time to clean up the yard of this lone, troublesome rat. Flashlights in our teeth, buckets in hand, we filled the hole with water. *squeak squeak* out comes a rat, hard to see in so little light, starts running around. My companion freaks out and gets back, and I try to catch the rat, going in between small patches of grass, in a bucket. I am unsuccessful, and as it starts climbing the wall, I decide: What the heck! and hit the darn thing off with the bucket. Grabbing the lid lying on the ground, I hit it a few times, miss a few, and then it stops. I go grab a large rock and. . . smash! In the words of Elder Hayes, (my trainer) done-skiis. We take a look, and seeing the iny rat quickly decide that this isn't the original, or even the one we had seen in the house. That's right, not a Rat (singular) but a rat infestation (singular) =P
Fill, rinse repeat, we get two more small ones and finally, through the help of providence, the large one. smash smash smash, and there she goes, no more large rat. We decided to call it a night, and when we went out the next morning (sunday) both the large rat (body length maybe 6-8 inches) and small rat close to the burrow. . . were gone. They had been very much dead, I can testify to that, but they were gone. So, monday morning rolls around (this morning) and we repeat the buckets. Using the quiet stick and boom stick we disposed of the last rat which came out of the hole, and proceeded to cave in the hole thing and flood it one last time with water, JUST to be sure. (see video on blog)

*pics in this email, me grinding things for making a wheaty sadza, and some blue sadza (haha) with barbequed baked beans.

Hey there everybody!

This week has been a bit crazy, what with Elder Dragon sick for a few days, but we had one of our investigators, Admire, come to church. We hadn't been able to followup on his praying/reading after the restoration and BoM, and with his background it is stuff that is definitely controversial. Being that he came to church despite that, we are sure that he read, prayed, got his answer. We are following up this tuesday and are very excited. It is always good to find people who have been prepared for the gospel and really do find in it what they have been looking for.

Our recent converts, the Shoko family, are preparing quite effectively for the Temple. They are planning on going in December. Brother Shoko is also wanting to go to the temple in DRC (democratic republic of Congo) in the future. We are so excited for them, and it is such a great thing to see our recent converts really catching the vision of the Gospel.

Being away from and not being able to attend the temple has really made me miss it. and it is such a that I really took for granted, and it is such a blessing to have so close by. Whether you are just going to sit for a while, or do work for the dead, it is so amazing. 

I had fun talking to my companion while he had the flu, and we continue to make nice food things! I have my camera cord, so I will upload vids/photos today.

Love you all, and in case I don't see you,
good afternoon
good evening
and good night
~Elder Williams

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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