Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24 2013 poem by Taggart

Well, this last tuesday, We had our last (and my first) Zone conference with President Padovich. It was powerful. This week on the 29th is when we make my final MP transition into my 4th MP. I really loved the opportunity to serve around President Padovich, and am looking forward to the last few months with president Erickson.

There is an investigator that we have just picked up. His brother met with missionaries a while ago, but wasn't interested. But when he went to stay in Lusaka for a while, he became serious and got baptized. When he came back to visit the family, Samson (our new investigator) was shocked that he had joined the church. The brother then gave him a bible and triple combo and moved permanently to Lusaka. Now Samson is coming to church and really loved it (he had been a few times before, but hasn't been recently until yesterday). We are excited to work with him and help him prepare for baptism.
Also, the father we taught who works all around africa (I think I told you all about him) is hard to get a hold of, but we are seeing his wife tonight with our Relief Society President. I am very excited to teach this family.
In closing, I am going to share another poem I wrote a few months ago. enjoy:
While in the Garden

I see Him in the Garden, great
It bids Him welcome to His fate.
He kneels and asks another way
And yet, undaunted still He prays
While in the Garden, yet afar
He journeys to a distant star
To find the one in need of aid
To lift me up as I had prayed
He found me weak of broken heart
Unable now to play my part.
He dressed my wounds and raised me up
And helped me drink my little cup
He taught me as a little fawn
And gave me strength to carry on.
Now as I take His hand, I feel
The prints of nails, forever real
Reminders of the pain He felt
When in the garden He had knelt
The price He paid to purchase me
The blood to purge and set me free
Returning to the Garden, now
Before the Father He will bow
To find the rest, to set them free
But always He'll remember me.
Unworthy of His grace am I,
And yet, for me, the Lamb did die.
His life upon the cross He gives
Then from the tomb He rose, and lives!
I take the bread, broken and blessed
I take the cup and drink the rest
I feel His cleansing pow'r within
I promise e'er to follow Him.
~Elder Taggart Williams

Start Strong: Finish STRONGER!
~Taggart Williams

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