Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

Hello family and friends!
This week was pretty cool.It was a mostly usual week: delicious popcorn; lots of bike trouble; DA's and such. Last night, we had 2 Dinner Appointments. 2, count 'em 2, dinners. My companion was stuffed after the first one, and I didn't quite finish the second one, but they were good and MAN did I sleep well that night! Right before the first one, I was playing a game simlair to dodgeball with some kids. One person in the middle, and the other two try to hit him, alternating shots. Me, being the amazing baseball pitcher that I am, threw the ball a tiny bit high (about 1 foot) and broke a window pane on the house (This is with a ball which is just shoved together plastic bags). Might I say that, although my accuracy isn't amazing with balls, I have a nice throwing arm =P. Don't worry, I am going tomorrow to pay for the pane (about $3-5) but it was quite the adventure. Needles to say, I won't be playing dodge-ball facing a house again. . .

In other news, on Friday, we had such a great opportunity. We me the Prophet! and by the prophet I mean a prophet; and by a prophet I mean that when we went to see one of our investigators, it turned out that he had invited some visitors at the same time. When they came in, (a man and a woman) the woman introduced herself as "Prophet Priestess governer somewhat or somesort- and like 3 other titles- Brightness", the man was simply Ambassador So-and-So. Yep, we were teaching our investigator with the leaders of another church sitting in. I will not lie, When they introduced themselves I barely suppressed a wide grin and peals of laughter. Every time that " ********** Brightness" said Christ's name, it was something to the effect of "King Lord Hero King Jesus". We continued with the lesson (Teaching Baptism). It went very well, and at one point we asked why the authority was so important. *************** Brightness started going off on how without the authority from God, baptism was invalid such and such etc. etc. By the look in her eyes, she must have been watching as her greatest adversary was being layed out on the wrack and pulled tight. After she finished, we happily said "Yes, that is exactly right! and God only has 1 church, and only one place where that authority lies. That is the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. You can know this for yourselves by reading the Book of Mormon and asking God  through prayer as it directs in James 1:5" (I am heavily paraphrasing and condensing, because that was 4 days ago and took a lot more sentences to properly deliver). In the end, the two leaders (one living in Mkoba, and the other visiting from Harare, probably for some sort of conference) had nothing to say against what we had said, and seemed at least a little intrigued. Not sure if it made a difference for them, but I could tell that our investigator was definitely willing to find out for himself. Time will tell, but you know, the Spirit is a wonderful thing. It strengthens the weak, and confoundeth the wise.

Well, after an eventful week, I will try to best it, but give a guy some credit!

Grandma Twila

Do you have a delayed broadcast there or when will you get to watch the conference?
Delayed. It happens in the middle of the night, but they send us dvds so we watch them like that.

I'll see you all later, and while we part, don't do anything I wouldn't do. . . Don't do anything I would do either. =P
~Elder Williams

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