Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

Why hello everyone!
How are things going for you? Me, I have been making a bigger effort to learn shona than before, so before I go on, Indino zivakuti kereke a Jesu Kristu yemasuva epidzisira evatendi ndeyey chokwadi. Yes, it is a mouthful, yes I am good at saying it, and yes, I know the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. 

This last week was fairly slow, not very succesful, and still a good bit of fun. My mtc buddy elder Pehrson is in the same house and we have been having a blast: cooking lots of good food, playing chess (he is getting pretty good) and just having fun.

In the area, I broke a pedal on my bike (not my fault!) and so I got replacements. We had quite a few things pop up during various stages of the week from a missionary questionairre, to exhanges with the ZL's, to a stake conference where we couldn't hear more than one talk during the general session; that one talk was a repeat of Pres. Dube's from the day before during the adult session!

Well, we had a cool experience this week. There was a less-active that we have been trying to see the past few weeks, and even before I got here, and she would always tell the people to tell us she wasn't home. Fast forward to last week. We are contacting and we find a guy waiting for lessons with some JW's (Jehovah witnesses). He seems interested and so we teach him a short first half of the restoration. Turns out he is trying to find the true church and was very enthusiastic. He gave us his address and number so we went to catch up with him.
So, we go to his place of residence and it turns out our less active is his wife! she had become less active because the people in her branch 3 years ago had been just gossiping etc in church and weren't doing the things they should do at church. We talked to them, and finished the lesson of the restoration. Leslie (the husband) is very excited, and even told the JW's how happy he was to be meeting with us (apparently when we stoped by we crashed their lesson, unbeknownst to us). Needless to say, as they walked away they stared daggers at us. . . well, sorry! next time I will try not to carry the fullness of the Gospel of truth; sorry that was a lie, but hey, give a guy some credit!

Also this week, I got tired of my wart so I burned it off. . . with hot needles and a knife (see pictures for after image). It was my first time attempting such a method, and needless to say I don't like fire as much as ice; but I think I did pretty well =P man, I was singing 'Come, Come, ye Saints' pretty loudly for a few minutes there. . .

Onto questions!

Aunt Michelle:
Now you did say you have moved to a different area, so did you fly there? drive?  how many hours away from where you were first at?
Yes, we drove. 3 1/2 hours to Harare, and another 4 from there to Gweru
SO  how big is the church there?
One of the biggest and nicest chapels in Zim for my area, about 160 members, and more than double that in less actives.
Well do they have a choir at church?  how about  activities nite?
not yet, but hopefully soon. I will be pushing for that in the coming meetings =P
how  are jobs over there do people work? if not working what do they do?
Many do I think. Not sure about percentages, but alot of people drink when they aren't working, and many do while they are.

Grandma twila:

Did I ever ask you if you use phones there? Do most people have phones?
Yes, we have phones, but the system is different than in the states (will explain another time). Here in gweru, yes most everyone has a phone. 
How often do you have a Zone conference?  Do you always go to the mission home for those?
Every 2 transfers. The mission has 8 Zones, and 4-5 seperate conferences, the farthest ZOnes being 5-6 hours from the mission home, and only 3 being within 2 hours, so no. They have them in the respective Zone areas. 
Are you still in a Branch or do they have wards there? 
I am in a ward/stake here, but there are branches in the stake 
What are your favorite things to cook there?
Sadza =P and Chicken Curry
Do they have regular grocery stores or is it just like open food markets?
Do you use American money there?
yes, and the south african Rand
Is your new apartment there 
about like your old one?
My last was probably the least nice in the mission, and my new one is way awesome. Will remember to take pics next week
Do you still have to do your laundry 
by hand?
Your new comp
Elder Nyoni, from Bulawayo and also South Africa
The new place
Gweru, Mkoba
Crazy animals
going to get to ride an elephant and walk with lions this transfer (no joke)
What are the hobos like there?
Sometimes almost naked (holey clothing) and always begging for money. Many however, are probably not really in need of anything. (that is how many were in Mutare) 
Do they call them hobos?
I don't think so
What is the weirdest thing you saw this week?
ummm. . . well, I had a salvation or damnation lesson with a less active member of the bishopric, if that counts. It was cool, I always love those lessons. *If you don't keep all the commandments, you can't be saved. . . But! If you keep all the commandments and teach others to do so, you will live with God forever, isn't that great?!?!?!?!?!?
Do you know how much we love you?! TONS!
probably more than you love french toast

Dad, I need the recipe you use for:
Maple syrup
Curry beef stew

I love you all, and I hope you all know that!
Srai Zhakanaka

~Elder Williams
Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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