Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb. 27, 2012

Why hello there everyone. It appears as if I got few emails this week, but I have plenty to talk about!
This week was mostly normal, we have an investigator, Lazerus, who finally came to church, and witnessed a baptism. He is really progressing well! Everytime we see him, my companion says "Lazerus, come forth!". It is pretty funny. This week, we had zone conference, and that was fun. Also, there are some stories which, regrettable, will need to wait until I get home from mission.
At conference, we got to see a picture and short bio of the new mission president, who is coming in July.

Today, (P-day) we went for our Zone Activity to a member's Banana Plantation. I will have a lot of pictures put up of that, but it was sick. I even found some banana trees which are 'Williams bananas'. ALso, we quickly (minutely) crossed the border of Zim and Mozambique, and I have a picture of myself, Elder Mkhonza, and the branch president's wife (not my branch) on the other side of the border (It looks the same as Zim). But I threw a rock from one country into another, so that was cool. 

Each harvest of the bananas as it is (no new trees) will yield 640ish tons of bananas. Ridiculous, eh? Well, After our fun adventure having a barbeque on a damn wall (oops wrong spelling) it was a dam wall, we went back home to email. 
I was with the Zone leaders and the District leader. While heading to their house in Dangamvura to get the zone report, we were pulled over by the police (they literally will just pull people over for no reason to give them a 'ticket' so that they will get bribed and make a little mulah). Things got crazy and Elder Jeffries (elderly couple) had to come over and sort things out. We ended up having to pay $20, and the ticket itself (the copies they have at least) will never go anywhere but the fireplace. It was pretty funny, and I can talk more about things like this back home, but for now: it was pretty funny.

We have been having some fun in the house for the most part, and the transfer is winding to an end. Tomorrow we will be getting transfer calls, so I will be finding out what the plans are then.

I have been having a lot of fun reading in the book of Alma recently, and can't wait to finish the BoM for the first time on mission soon.

on to questions!

How is it going with they crazy comp of yours?
He is doing pretty well. He has one transfer left on mission, and the homesickness is starting to set in. He is a hard working and is for sure crazy. I hope I get to stay with him to 'kill' him on mission, but we'll see =P
Has anything crazy funny happened with your comps?
Well, yesterday I totally destroyed my comp at darts, and that was funny.
He is from Las vegas, but he was given a Shona name: Tapiwa Shoko (we are given the word). It sounds similair to Tapiwa tsoko which means we are given the monkey =P (shoko vs tsoko) so we always make fun of him for that
Do you guys play tricks on each other?
He is like the biggest prankster. 2nd week of the transfer we had a prank war, and in the end I would say I won, as I had the last prank, and theirs didn't end up working. In the end, it was down to me and Elder Shields, and the other 2 guys in the house joined his team (because he has experience with stuff and just doesn't really stop whether he has lost or not). One day, they stole my towel while I was in the shower, so I left the shower on, and grabbed a small hand towel next to the door they hadn't noticed, and got back in before they could do anything. When I came out again, they threw water/mazoe/mrs dash on me and then I proceeded to turn right back around to the shower. My comp then threw a late bowl of flour on me (only got my leg area from behind). I went in, and had another nice relaxing, hot, long shower and got clean. When  I came out a third time, they threw the rest of the flower on me (still didn't get a good shot), so again I turned tail and continued a nice comfortable shower. As soon as I was done, I went out and made sure they were finished; I immediately went into the other bathroom and turned on ALL the hot water. (In the house we have a geyser, which stores water, and then heats it). By the time Elder Toomer went to take a shower, needless to say there was ZERO hot water left (without precision, even with both hot and cold your shower is either freezing our steaming hot). He goes in and we hear a loud YELP! followed by him rushing out in his towel: "The hot water isn't working! I turn the tap and nothing even comes out!". Nobody but me had any hot water that day, and I got a very nice and relaxing shower. They also had to clean up afterwards! I feel like I really got the last laugh =P 
Are most of the missionaries you know out there from America?
In the mission, it is about 50/50 that are from America. There are a lot of missionaries from Africa, and even some from Europe.
I love you all, Srai Zhakanaka! (stay well)
~Elder Williams

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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