Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leaving Soon MTC

Dear Family and Friend,
I have now been in the MTC for a week and a half and will be leaving for Zimbabwe on the 31 of this month.  ( Oct.)  I will arrive in Harare on the 2 of November.
I am excited now to embark on this journey-well, I suppose that beginning was when I stepped foot into the MTC, but non-the-less, 30 hours in a plane as well as over 15 hours in layovers will be putting me a great deal further from that which I call home.  However as I believe I said in my initial blog post, I do not regret this decision in the slightest and am happy for the opportunity to give these coming months and years to the Lord.  If I didn't say this before, I would appreciate if you would be so kind, as to pretend that I did.
I regret that I didn't have the chance to say farewell to many of you directly, but I would like you to consider such to be happening now.  If there are any of you who would like to write me once I am in Zimbabwe, feel free! It will be througha pouch service. ( Which if I understand will cost no more then sending a message through the US Postal service.)  The address to use for that is the one I have posted on my Facebook page.  I would love to hear from you all, but I cannot promise to be prompt with my replies, as I may become extremely busy sharing happiness and truth with those over whom our Lord has given me responsibility.  (Yes, I know, surprisingly, I have something to do other then write letters)
As of yet, I have nothing special to talk about so I will be wrapping up this letter in a matter of moments, but first I would like to leave you all with my testimony tat our Lord is always with us.  "Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whither-so- ever thou goest.."
If we but look to Him, we can find comfort and strength inall of our dealings in life.  Both in times of trial and peace, our lives can become better and happier if we learn to "rely on the arm of Jehovah" (hymn # 3 Now let us Rejoice)
In Closing, I want you all to know that I love you, and am with you in spirit.  Attached are letter to specific persons, but don't feel left out,  if you didn't get one.  (though there was probably a reason, like I don't have your address or something)... *cough cough*

E. Taggart Williams

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