Thursday, October 27, 2011

first week MTC

Dear family and friends,
I am glad to hear you are doing well.  My first week here at the MTC has been amazing, but alas, there are far more missionaries in the laundrey room then computers so I will ahve to settle for another hand written letter.
the lessons we have been learning are really good. We have been focusing more on ways to tach rather then just what to teach.  I love the other Elders I have in my district.  Two of them are even from Alpine and went to Lone Peak.  They graduated just barely in 2011 and I didn't know them before, but we are roomates and are pretty chill.
The food here is decent, not near as good as the food at USU or hom, but it is good enough to be going on with.  Last night we sang in the choir.  "This is the Christ". It was really awesome, and to make it better , it was followed by a talk given by Richard G. Scott.  It was my first time in the same room as a living apostle, however he was unable to take the time to shake hands.
I have been using oils almost everyday and the others in my district have been loving it.  Just a drop of Eukalyptus on thepillow and everyone sleeps better.  I have also already had the opportunity to help give a blessing( one of the elders in my district was feeling under the weather) I also gave hime some mnerals he was needing( and vitamins) and he is feeling better now.  I have been successfuly keeping my journal daily!  (Idk how...) but hey, I'll take what I'm given.
I love you all and I am so happy to be here serving the Lord.( well, training too.1)  Peace be unto you, and remember you Father in Heaven daily.

E. Taggart Williams

PS I forgot to tell you that we had to practice sharing the restoration in one minute.  I smashed it, and still got the BofM into their hands.  )sadly only role-playing, not a real investigator.  I bid you all farewell, and untill next time, know that I love you.

PSS. I love hearing from you all, however, for now, I cannot use email.  But feel free to write me letters. I love them!

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