Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013

this is an automated message to home. If you are receiving this message, and your name is not home, please begin to panic now. If your name is home, then you can feel free to relax, because you are a very dynamic place. You can be anywhere and everywhere. But usualy in a small cavity on the left side of a human torso, right next to a very bloody organ. For, as we know: Home is where the heart is. Hopefully where you reside is not in the heart of a dying person, because if it is you will soon go underground. At that point, you can feel free to panic. 

For those of you still reading, I hope I didn't cause any premature heart failure with the panic mode instruction. I don't know of any one of you who is named home.

This week was powerful, as my companion and I have been working hard on getting to know the members in our units. We are starting to get a lot of referrals and so I can see the work picking up here quite nicely. There is one family in an area called Emakhendeni, with 3 members (the parents are not members). Every saturday, the daughter, Flo (22), cooks a NICE dinner for the missionaries. The members love the missionaries; the mom is indifferent, goes to another church, but doesn't care to listen to the lessons at all; the baba drinks, smokes etc, has no church (possibly atheist) and doesn't like the missionaries too much. On one occasion before I got here, he apparently almost kicked the missionaries out of the house because of something they said. Anyway, their table is not in too good repair. They tried to have it fixed a while ago but the guys who did it did a zving job and it still has all the prior problems (which includes a part of the top not connected to the frame, and the entire table rotates to either side around a pivot point: the lone screw on both ends of the table). My companion and I are going to apply our limited woodworking knowledge and fix their table for them this saturday. Independant of this, (at least we think) saturday night, as we were getting ready to leave the family with a prayer, the baba said: "Go ahead and do your thing. Preach to us". Now, as missionaries haven't shared a lesson with the whole family in probably 'ever', we were kindof taken aback. Sadly, time didn't allow (we ended up walking in our gate at 9:30 so. . .), but we now have a goal. We can tell (from other things as well) that baba feels differently about us for some reason, and after we fix their table, that will get even better. We want to teach the whole family about the plan of salvation. That is now looking like a possiblity, and I think that it would be able to really help them for obvious reasons.

I am seeing our relationship with members improve quite well, and I am looking forward to some powerful changes in the next few weeks.

Well, I love you all tons.

Elder Williams, signing off.



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