Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oct. 1 2012

We- are smashing- we- we- are smashing! We- are smashing our heads- on- the pavement! (- is a pause, tune to a movie which I will not disclose the name of. If you know it. . . why did you watch that movie???? *no, not rated R, but nonetheless. . .)

And now for the next development in the Emganwini chronicles. Written and directed by the "I wish we had a sign" corporation, copyrighted and owned by Elders Nellesen and Williams.

(*In the voice of the crocodile hunter) Right, for those of you who were unable to view last weeks episode, we watched from the edge of our seats as our heroes trudged onward in an attempt to find some more serious investigators. They battled through hard times such as: hot summer days with less than adequate amounts of water; a successful wedding with a very small cake; hauling water from a borehole in order to have a baptism; copious amounts of branch missionaries with willing hands; a truck which arrived just in-the-nick-of-time to save litrally hours of walking carrying heavy buckets of water; having new converts sit/lay down in order to be completely immersed in the water by an authorized servant of the Lord; collapsing at the end of a hard days work only to find one of them sick the next day. To top the week off, they had found and begun teaching a family of 8. . . The husband had been very polite in welcoming them into his home, introducing our heroes to his wife, and informing them that his 'other' wife was still at work, and wouldn't be back in time. Also, they found out that he leads not only his family, but his own church as well. . . These were their adventures last week. . . what could lay in store for our favorite Elders this week?

Well, that was last week, and this week, we had lots of annoying things happen, such as *OW* tired. . . endless. . . days. . . . But, nonetheless, we worked hard and had about a bazillion fall-throughs! This week was also hard, and we also had mormon helping hands. But, all things considered it was a good week. To top it off, we had the family with the polygamist attempt to come to church. But, because we don't have a sign in front of our meeting house, they went to the wrong church!!!!!!!!!!!! 8 people! Burn me! well, maybe now we will actually get a sign for the meeting house. . . =P but at least this next week we will be picking them up from church, and their fellowshipper will be able to see them as well (he has been busy with work and only just met them on sunday this week)

Awww, well, it was a good time!

What is your favorite season there, now that you have been there long enough to experience them all?
Cold season. It gets fetching cold, but rainy season coincides with hot season, and I prefer cold to hot.

Well, It has been great to communicate with you all, now onto downloading/converting jack-tons of files for people to use!

love you, keep well, stay safe, and if you want to. . . OBEY SPRITE!

~Elder Williams

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