Monday, September 24, 2012

Sept. 24 Short letter

Well, ding dong everybody! Another witch is dead.
Ding dong the witch got shot, and elder williams aint dead! ding dong, doodly bop! thanks to peppermint oil his headache is dead!
and burn me, it was a freaking nasty headache, along with a fever, but I am feeling in tip-top shape at the moment and am back on my feet. (see alma 46:40)
this week was good, we got transfers and I am staying here in bluez with elder nellesen, but as for today, I am sorry I am literally being kicked out of the email shop. We had a zone activity today, and I have no more time. Zvakwana. Apana. Sianara. I will fill you in on more next week, but as for now, just the questions.

 Is there any special kinds of food that are in season there right now?
Just the usual stuff. Paw-paws and lemons, peaches and mangos are coming soon
what type of fruit is most common there?
Anything and everything
Do people like to cook their fruit or eat it raw there? 
Raw, just like yours truly

love you all, sorry for the rush!
~Elder Williams

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