Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan. 16 letter to all

Hello friends and family!
How are you doing? So here is my schpeal for this week (no I don't care if schpeal is spelled right, ok?). I had a fairly average week up until wednesday, when we got a call telling us that President would be having a meeting with my comp and I and the sisters on thursday morning. The anticipation was horrible. We weren't sure if they were having us do something weird, moving us to Zambia, or what. Turned out it was just a special training meeting so nothing big. But afterwards, we did have a nice lunch (paid for by president Dube), so that was nice. 

Choir this week was a bust. We missed it because of the meeting with President, and when we asked about it (we had scheduled for someone else to conduct it) only 3 or 4 people had come. Hopefully this next week will be better. Other than that, this week was average.

Today, however, we finally went with most of the Zone and climbed Chikanga mountain (also called by some of us thumb or thumbnail mountain because it looks just like a thumb). That was a fun and difficult/steep hike. As we got to the top, I pulled out my camera and the battery was finished. . .so I had to swap memory cards to get some pics (with a camera not as cool as mine, so the pics are not as incredible). Pictures sent to my father. Enjoy!

I also got a haircut the other day, so my hair is really short. Elder Hayes said that when they were first starting, he was really scared for my hair. Most people outside of town have never cut a white persons hair, so I had to tell them how. It is pretty funny, but the haircut was good.

This tuesday we are probably getting our transfer calls, so we'll know where we are going next week. I won't be training because we have no new missionaries coming in yet, but hopefully later I will have the opportunity to train =P I hope that I am staying in my present area, so that I can continue to see the growth here. It is nice to see the change since I have been here, and I can see great changes in the coming months. This week, we are going to be eating nice in town a few times, tonight chinese, tomorrow at a great spicy chicken place. It is funny to chow into my chicken while the other missionaries' eyes are watering just from the smell 2-3 feet away, but Nando's does their spicy pretty good; nothing on Thai or Indian food, but when you hope for thunderstorm and you get a rainstorm, you don't complain that it wasn't exactly as you wanted! You take what you're given and be grateful.

Speaking of storms, I am not sure if I have said this yet, but we don't know what a rainstorm or thunderstorm is in the good old US of A. When we get a thunderstorm here, the lightning hits and the sound is a giant smash (crack doesn't do it justice) of loud, continuous (for 3 seconds straight) thunder clap; freaking sick.
now, onto questions.

answers in bold
Gma harper
What was the food you ate for New Years?  What did you eat for Christmas?
New years: pizza and soda
Christmas: soup, ham, veggies, rolls, pork roast, various other items, all over 3 days =P
Gma Williams
Is this the winter season there or is it summer?  Is there a rainy season and then a dry season with no rain at all?
they have hot season, cold season, and rainy season here. As stated before, when it is rainy season (which it is right now) it RAINS. But there hasn't been near as much rain this year as in past years (signs of the times =P)
Do people there have phones?
yes, mostly but not as much in my area. The way it works here is in airtime. If someone else calls, you don't need airtime, only to call or text. Not many use contracts here. They just have a phone and number. Buy time as needed, or just run without.
Do you do a lot of tracting or
 mainly referrals?
In my area, no door to door knocking, mainly just referrals and being approached during lessons or on the street. Also, while contacting we get some people.
Do people there have television?
Some of the
 food that you eat there looks very interesting.  Does it really taste good or what?
Yes. When I get home, I will make Sadza for everyone. I really like it, but some people might not. But because of how cheap it is, it would make a great food storage Item (mealie meal that is), as the meal itself is like $5 for 10kg of the nice brand of mealie meal.
Do they eat many vegetables there?
Some, but more fruits. The most used veggies are onions, Kovo (similar to lettuce but could probably be grown on solid Asphalt =P well, not quite), and peppers.

Do they eat bread like we do or is it just that cornmeal stuff?
Yes, lots of bread. It is only $1 a loaf, and tastes good.
Looking back on before you got your mission call, what would you have thought about Zimbabwe?
Probably the same thing I thought when my mom read it: Where in the world is that again?

I love you all, but love the work here too much to come home yet! ;P
stay well, or Srai Zhakanaka as we say here in Zim!

~Elder Taggart Williams

Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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