Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec. 5 list of needs/wants and Taggart's e-mail to share.

Hello family and friends!
I regret to inform you all that you aren't sending me much to read! I mean, really. I have like 6 books I can read out here, my only dynamic reading material is these emails, and I only get like 3 pages worth! Have no fear, I am not in danger of getting trunky (wanting to pack my bags and head home); I know this is where I need to be, and it is for sure where I want to be right now (I mean, for crying out loud, I am in AFRICA!!!!). So please, tell me what's up in your lives. I know it will benefit you to reflect back on the week and talk at least a little about it, and I so LOVE hearing from you. Yes, even YOU. So just take 15 minutes; I know at least half of you are going to waste more than 15 minutes a day doing something at least somewhat menial and pointless, so take one of those blocks of time and write me a little bit. I have more questions to answer now, but less material to read, so write me please. =P

This week has been fairly slow. People we thought were ready to be baptized are not wanting to even go to church (again, we have people avoiding us when we say we are going to pick them up). It almost seems worthless to go the 30 minutes into our area to get them. But there are a few that are making good progress and will hopefully have the real desire to be baptized. Christmas is coming up, and I will get to call home. I am not sure how the event will work out, but it is doubtless going to be a fun event here in the mission if for no other reason (That is, if the present plan is approved); but regardless of any shortcomings, this holiday season is going to be a good one (we are even having a baptism on my birthday, oh joy!).

I have come to a nice realization, which has come to help in the last day, and I am certain will continue to be beneficial. I would council you all to try and learn from this: Life works best when we pray before we need help, with literally everything. (Novel idea, I know. Something that makes sense, but if you want to pretend that you do it for everything, go ahead. I know I don't) If we ask for something to happen before we see whether or not it turned out how we want it, and even before we begin the task, I promise that things will work out better. Even if something is a sure thing, don't be so prideful as to not ask for God's help because it is a 'sure thing'. Yesterday, as we were walking around picking people up, (I had this happen 3 times yesterday) I prayed to be led by the spirit to where we needed to go. In one instance, we found an investigator we didn't know was back in town, who we hadn't seen in 3 weeks. His father had had a stroke on friday, and we were able to give him a blessing, and set up a return appointment. On another occasion, we finally came into contact with an investigator who has been avoiding us, and we were able to figure out what was going on. The third instance, we were trying to get another lesson for the day, and I was led (literally) to an area we hadn't been to, right to a house I hadn't ever seen before. We invited the woman inside to have a lesson, and taught, as I was directed, the Plan of Salvation. As it turns out she has a 2 week old baby who had just gone to sleep (the baby never woke up during the lesson so we were uninterrupted), and the mom seemed very interested in what were were teaching and desirous to work towards being baptized. I hope she keeps up this desire, and that she can make these covenants with God. 

Questions Asked: 
How do they celebrate Christmas in Zimbabwe? Probably not
with Christmas trees.  Are most people there Christian? Do they
belong to a church or what other religions are represented there?
 Do they celebrate Christmas there?  Is it something done in the whole town or just in individual homes?
What has shocked you the most about the people, land, etc.?
What is your favorite thing about the people?
Is Christmas a big deal to them?
What holidays do you know of that they do that we don't?

Christmas hasn't hit yet, and the only prep I see is things everywhere that say "Christmas" and such. I don't know how it is they celebrate, but there are no Evergreen trees here so I can guarantee that they don't use them. This area is largely Christian, and here in Mutare (you guys should Google map it in satellite view, I live in Chikanga, and work in Sakubva) there is a sect called Matzi Baba which has many different congregations each with many many prophets (definite fulfillment of prophesies of false prophets).

There are no Pedestrian rights here in Zim, and they drive on the left side of the road. People think white skin means you are stupid (I have had people try to sell me a single potato for $1!!!). There are a large amount of trees in some areas, and almost none in others (I mean in living areas to be specific.) My favorite thing about the people is their family feel in the community. I know of no existing holidays which would be different than what there is in the US, but they don't do thanksgiving as a specific holiday.
A full and unabridged list of things I am currently in want of, and in no limited supply (except for certain items which will be quite obvious: no I don't need 13 potato peelers)
(They don't have these things here for some reason =/)
Potato peeler
York Peppermint patties
Oatmeal Creme Pies
Stephen's Hot chocolate (Mint Truffle)
Peppermint tea (ahhh yea!)
Various other sweets which are delightsome to the taste
Marshmallows (just a single large bag will be sufficient)

thanks all, love you tons!
~Elder Williams

for any who for some reason don't have my email address, it is:
If you want to send a letter, there are instructions that my sister posted on Facebook.
Remember: Pray always, and look to the Lord. Write often, and live life to it's fullest.

Doubt is the seed of failure. ~Taggart Williams

Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not. ~God (D+C 6:36)

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