Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas time at the mission Presidents home.

this is an excerpt from Elder Bradshaw, He is also in the Harare mission and they all got together and did some work at an orphanage.  Written to his Mother...

(For any other Zimbabwe Mom's I added a small part of Ryan's letter from his morning.  I thought he did a good job explaining a little of what their Christmas in Harare was like.)

"Harare has been crazy sweet. Lots of people have been asking me about the logistics of getting 96 missionaries, 16 couples, and presidents family to Harare. Let me just say that only in the best mission on earth could this happen. Only with obedient missionaries and a mission president that trust his missionaries could this happen. The Church has a headquarters in Harare which is a chapel, mission offices, and a mission transfer house (plus the site of the future Zimbabwe Temple according to Pres. Hinckley and other apostles). About 50 missionaries slept at the transfer house and the floor of the chapel. I gave up my bed in the transfer house in favor of the hard floor of the chapel because president came and slept in the chapel with us. He kept us up all night telling stories and scaring us all with transfer predictions. The other missionaries slept in the various other missionary houses in Harare.

Friday afternoon we went to a hospital in Harare. The mission is adopting the hospital this year to help them along. We spent the day giving out toys to children in the childrens wing, cleaning outside, and giving out hygine kits to mothers who gave birth that day. Elder Jensen and I helped a mama to her car after she had just given birth that morning. We found her careing all her own lugage out becuase there wasn't enough room in the hospital for her to stay any longer. I am glad that we got to go assist. I am even more glad that the United States has modern health care."

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